Smart Tech System

Empers' wireless product series are WiFi/Z-Wave/BT equipped internet gateway, voice control, RS-485 converter, relay, RGBW dimmer and environmental sensors used for home, office, hotel, nursing-care center, factory automation and remote control.

Multiple support

  • Support other smart gateway
  • Support Z-Wave mesh and encryption
  • Wireless connection to IOT system
  • Voice control

  • Voice control smart home system
  • Support 26 languages
  • Off-line control without internet
  • Simple and easy

  • Simple to create your IOT system
  • Flexible expansion, easy installation
  • Cloud server deployment and api provided
  • Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template


    We specialized in research and development of intelligent control software and embedded hardware, focus on standard protocol to connect serial communications.

    Z-Wave and Wi-Fi connections

    Multiple complicated wireless control and internet protocols into one simple PnP device. Watch more

    Web-based and script builder

    Gives the flexibility to create the association between sensors and devices to satisfy all your needs for automation. Watch more

    Distributed framework Architecture

    More than one gateway to build up a full and faultless automation in your smart house. Watch more

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