We specialized in research and development of intelligent control software and embedded hardware, focus on standard protocol to connect serial communications.

Empers cloud

Make your home safer and smarter

Scene Planner helps to create your individual ways of smart living simply.
- Create your own home automation
- Intrusion alert and notification
- Sensor-triggered activities
- Automatic actions by timeframe setting
- Data collection uploading for Cloud Management

Save energy for your office

- No monthly subscription fee for your system.
- Turn on/off the lights and air conditioner or heater automatically
- Keep office temperature constantly at your setting
- Automatically power off when no one in office

Make hotel more fun

- More fun for staying in your hotel.
- Creating unique atmosphere
- Lighting guide during the night
- Automatically adjust a comfortable temperature
- Saving energy when no one staying in the room

Improve factory efficiency

- An advanced smart system for factory automation
- Power consumption analysis of each device
- Energy saving and management
- Easy access to the system from your notebook or cell phone
- Remote control and monitoring

Say what you want to turn on

- Support ASR voice recognition, up to 26 languages
- Off-line voice control without internet connection
- Pre-defined voice commands
- Standard Z-Wave protocols
- Support mesh network
- Compact size, plug and play
- Support Z-Wave encryption