BS-130 Smart Humidity Control Box

This Smart Humidity Control Box is exceptionally developed for the Swiftlet Farming Industry in Malaysia. This smart box is equipped with 3 individual sets of humidity/temperature sensors with cables and power switches. It offers a wireless connection to the APP on the smart phone. With this APP, users may set up the preferred humidity environment for their birdhouse.

Smart and automation control

This smart box will execute a programmable automation control to maintain the optimized humidity in the bird-house. This system is composed by wireless module, sensing module, power control module & APP U/I and other subsidiaries. It provides a great flexibility for customized applications.


  • Precise temperature and humidity detection
  • One sensor controls one humidifier
  • Maintain optimized humidity in each room compartment
  • Give moisture and smoothness to the bird’s nests
  • The easy-to-use APP may set up a predetermined humidity range for each humidifier




Commnuication Bluetooth BLE 4.0; Range 10m (32ft)
Humidify sensor Accuracy: +3%RH, Range: 0~99.9%RH; Drift: <0.5%RH/year
Temperature sensor Accuracy: +0.3~1oC, Range: -40~80oC; Drift: +0.3oC/year
Power Load current: One socket 7A
Total maximum load current: 7A (3 socket total)
Input voltage: 110~240V AC
Appearance Material: PC, IP65 waterproof & dustproof (AC socket IP54)
Dimension: 266(L)x97(W)x91(H) mm
System requirement Android 4 and above

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